Infant/Child Baptism Preparation
Parents seeking Baptism for their child must be active Catholics who are registered at the Church of St. Peter. Baptism, a Sacrament of Initiation, marks the entrance of the child into the Christian community. Through the Rite of Baptism the child will be born to a new life in Christ and welcomed into the body of Christ.

Please contact Deacon Bob Bisciglia at the Parish Office at (651) 777-8304 for infant Baptism Preparation information.

Infant/Child Baptism Please contact Deacon Bob Bisciglia

Adult Baptism
If you seeking Baptism as an adult, please contact Deacon Bob Bisciglia .

Baptism for Children Over Age 7
Children of the age of reason (at least seven years old) , whose parents are requesting they be Baptized, are invited to participate in RCIC program to prepare for this sacrament. Call the Parish Office at 651-777-8304.

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