Saturday Vigil Mass: 4:00 pm

Sunday Mass:
8:00 am; 10:30 am; 6:00 pm

Daily Mass:
Monday - Saturday 8:00 am
Friday 9:30 am
First Tuesday of every month 7:30 pm

Tuesday - Sunday 7:30-7:45 am
Wednesday 5:30-5:45 pm
Saturday 3:00-3:45 pm
Sunday 10:00-10:15 am
Sunday 5:30-5:45 pm

Adoration: The Perpetual Adoration chapel is open weekly from noon on Sunday through midnight on Saturday and is located off Fellowship Hall along Margaret Street

Rosary: Sundays 7:30 am and before Daily Mass Monday - Friday
September 24: Parent Retreat

September 30: Knights of Columbus Bingo

October 1: St. Peter Fall Festival

October 2: St. Peter Fall Festival

October 21 & 22: St. Peter Big Sale